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VoIP Glossary

In this VoIP glossary, you will find everything about VoIP telephone systems. The transition to the new technology raises many questions for decision-makers. The following VoIP glossary explains the most important terms.


Bluetooth is a wireless data transmission standard between two devices with short-range communication. Bluetooth serves as an interface for mobile devices.

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DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) is a mobile communication standard mainly used for cordless telephones within buildings. DECT devices have a range of up to

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A DECT base station is limited to a range of 30 to 50 meters. To extend the range, DECT repeaters are used to expand the

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Gateways act as translators. They are used in information and communication technology to translate protocols so that different networks can communicate with each other. There

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Hosted PBX

Hosted PBX refers to the system of a virtual telephone system. Unlike an old ISDN telephone system, the VoIP telephone system software is hosted on

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Instant Messaging

Instant Messaging is a real-time communication method using text messages. It allows two or more participants to have a conversation through text messages. This is

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A multiplex connection is an interface for a communication module. It allows multiple connections to be transmitted through a single multiplex connection. If the telephone

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Number Portability

Number Portability Number portability allows you to easily transfer your existing landline phone number to your new telephone service provider. The new service provider separates

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A softphone is software for a Windows PC or notebook that allows you to make phone calls through the respective device using a headset. It

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Telephone Service Provider

Telephone service providers are operators of telecommunication solutions. They provide the necessary infrastructure for a telephony solution. Telephone service providers also activate your telephone line,

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Unified Communication

Unified Communications, or “unified communication,” refers to the integration of communication devices into a unified application (software). This means integrating email, instant messaging, telephone, video

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VoIP – Voice over IP

VoIP (Voice over IP) refers to the protocol used for internet telephony. This protocol allows voice communication to be transmitted over a data network. The

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