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onephone - The Telephony of the Future

onephone – The Telephony of the Future

onephone is the practical business smartphone solution with an integrated landline number. This way, your employees are always reachable under one phone number, and a separate landline connection is no longer necessary. With onephone, your workstations are not only mobile but also smart and individually tailored to your infrastructure. You provide your employees with company smartphones to ensure a strict separation between professional and personal matters.

Do you already have company smartphones?

Perfect, you can continue using them. We upgrade your existing smartphones so that the landline number with extension replaces the previous mobile number. If needed, the mobile number can still be used. Landline phones and two phone numbers become a thing of the past.

Do you need new smartphones?

Then take advantage of our refurbed iPhones as a practical rental option. We have a wide selection of iPhones that have been completely refurbished by our experts. By choosing refurbed devices, you not only show your commitment to your employees but also make an important contribution to sustainability by participating in the circular economy.

Do you want combinational options?

Combine onephone with our softphone clients, and your all-in-one package is complete. This way, your employees are mobile and have all the advantages of a smartphone, such as email, apps, and a camera. In addition, they can make phone calls via VoIP software on their PC or notebook and thanks to a headset have both hands free to work.

The Benefits

One Number Concept

No app, no two devices. No matter where your employees are, they can be reached on the landline number. This increases mobility and flexibility. Home office 2.0.

On the A1 Network

The landline number is natively bound to the mobile phone, no VoIP app required, ensuring no issues with poor data availability and maintaining the same call quality as with a mobile phone.

Cross-Device Phone Status

The receptionist has a full overview: whether someone is making internal or external calls, on the landline or mobile, the status is visible. This automatically increases accessibility.

Central Voicebox

Different announcements on the voicebox are a thing of the past with onephone. A central voicebox ensures a consistent corporate presence, even on the phone.

No Hidden Costs

The costs for your onephone are completely transparent. You don't need a maintenance contract, and there are no update costs.

Unified Statistics

The analysis of call volume is now unified. With onephone, it doesn't matter whether your employees make calls on their mobile phones or on landlines.

onephone refurbed Rental - Towards a Sustainable Future

Companies are challenged to think and act more sustainably. We also care about a liveable future, which is why we offer “onephone refurbed Rental.” By using refurbished rental devices, your company becomes visibly more sustainable.

With our flexible rental contracts, you can decide which generation of iPhones you want to provide to your employees. We offer all generations, and even the latest version becomes available after just a few weeks or months.


The Benefits

No high acquisition costs

Purchasing new smartphones for all employees can be costly. With our affordable rental options, there are no initial costs involved.

Long-term cost savings

Our rental option is much more cost-effective than buying new devices.

More benefits for employees

Smartphones have become status symbols. By providing your employees with modern models, you will make a positive impression, even with job applicants.

Free of charge device replacement

If a device is defective, we ensure a quick and hassle-free replacement. You no longer have to deal with warranty issues.

More sustainability

New devices contribute to significant emissions, but with our refurbished devices, we save up to 70% in CO2 emissions. This makes your company more sustainable.

Let's embrace the circular economy

Your company needs the next generation of devices, but you don't want to discard perfectly functional devices. With our refurbishment system, we extend the life cycle of devices.

Refurbished & like new

Bei uns erhalten Sie generalüberholte Geräte. Diese wurden von Expert:innen überprüft und erneuert, so dass sie wie Neugeräte aussehen und natürlich auch funktionieren.

Centralized administration

Through Mobile Device Management (MDM), all smartphones can be centrally managed, making maintenance and updates easier than ever before.