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Mobile Landline - Telephony from the Cloud

Mobile Landline is a VoIP telephone system. This means that you can scale the type of VoIP telephony individually, from workstation to workstation. An IP phone for reception, a desktop client with a headset for support, and the sales staff are connected to the Mobile Landline app, benefiting from complete location independence when making phone calls.

The Mobile Landline App

Thanks to the Mobile Landline app, your landline connection is always mobile. You can make landline calls via your mobile phone, whether you are in the office or on-site with your customers. Your landline number or extension is always reachable. In addition to the familiar standard features of a landline phone, you also have presence management or instant messaging chat available thanks to digital technology. The VoIP telephone system is accessible no matter where you are.

The Softphone Client

Make calls from your PC or notebook. Make calls easily using modern VoIP software. With a headset, you have both hands free and can conveniently work while making calls. The numerous standard and comfort telephone functions help you control the call comfortably and quickly according to your needs. Perfect communication solution with many features for the office and home office.

VoIP Telephony Devices

The almost limitless selection of SIP-compatible devices for your VoIP telephony offers you maximum flexibility. The proven SIP models recommended by manufacturers such as SNOM, Yealink, Gigaset, or Panasonic are particularly suitable. These devices are fully supported. The central provisioning of VoIP phones offers the greatest convenience, easy administration, and highest security for phone calls.

The Benefits

All the features you need,

Including telephone comfort functions, cross-device call journals, advanced chat with file transfer, or absence management. The VoIP telephone system offers all the features for immediate use, all-inclusive.

Mobile Landline Number

Wherever your workplace is, mobile landline is your perfect companion. Be reachable under one number everywhere, whether in the office, on the go with your mobile phone, or in the home office.

Much cheaper than ISDN telephone system

With the use of a VoIP telephone system for SMEs, you can make calls up to 30% cheaper than with a conventional ISDN system.

Take your landline number with you

Easily transfer your existing landline number or apply for a new one.

No update costs

Thanks to free software updates, you're always up to date.

Absolute reliability through redundant system architecture

Mobile Landline telephone systems are redundantly hosted in state-of-the-art data centres in Vienna and Salzburg. This makes the VoIP telephone system fail-safe and provides data protection according to Austrian law.

Scalability as needed

With the help of a modern, web-based administration, your telephone system is infinitely scalable.

No lengthy maintenance contracts

With us you have no lengthy maintenance contracts

No investment costs

The Mobile Landline cloud telephone system does not require a physical system like an ISDN telephone system.

Encrypted and secure

Encrypted calls and file transfers.

Easy to use

Simple and intuitive without employee training.

Unified Messaging

Use our extensive collaboration features such as video conferences, desktop sharing, full fax functionality, or comprehensive chat with encrypted file transfer.

Overview of integration possibilities:

Your software is not listed? No problem!

Our programmers are happy to create the necessary integration for you, providing even more convenience and efficiency for your workflow. We can offer this service because Mobile Landline is an in-house development by UNICOPE, allowing for easy realization of individual interfaces and integrations.

This is how the Mobile Landline works!


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Mobile Landline App
for smartphones
(Android & iPhone)


Mobile Landline App
for smartphones
(Android & iPhone)


Mobile Landline App
for smartphones
(Android & iPhone)
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