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What is onemobile?

Business Mobile Communications - Individually tailored to your needs

onemobile is another communication service (in addition to Mobile Landline) from the technology leader and pioneer in unified communication – UNICOPE. Our customers now receive their entire business communication from a single professional provider, fully harnessing the possibilities of a modern, holistic communication solution. onemobile in the A1 network guarantees top voice quality, network coverage, and 4G speed.

UNICOPE offers true business communication, focusing on the highest quality to provide real added value to its customers. We also place great importance on excellent service and prioritize 100% customer satisfaction. Together with our customers, we always find the optimal solution for all the requirements that make up modern and efficient communication. We tailor our solutions individually to the needs of our customers and, thanks to our flexibility, offer the possibility to implement very specific requirements to the fullest satisfaction of our customers. With the combination of onemobile and Mobile Landline, we offer our customers everything from one source, perfectly covering all their communication needs.


Here you will find the most frequently asked questions and answers about onemobile.


Here you will find all important downloads such as performance descriptions and pricing regulations.


Here you will find instructions for APN, SMS centre, and roaming settings.


If you need help with your onemobile tariff, please contact our support.

Mobile and VoIP combined

Mobile Landline is a modern communication service from the technology leader and pioneer in unified communication – UNICOPE.

Bring your telephone system to your smartphone. Use your smartphone as a mobile extension of your virtual telephone system with an app from your app store.

Your virtual telephone system. Receive and initiate worldwide calls with your landline number and make cost-effective calls on the go with onemobile.

onemobile - Mobile landline:

In combination with onemobile’s mobile landline service, perfectly tailored tariffs can be offered to meet the specific needs and requirements of each customer. As a result, you, as a customer, can benefit from significant cost savings compared to standard mobile phone packages.

onemobile and Mobile landline work seamlessly together to provide you with a comprehensive, professional, and modern communication service of the latest generation.

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