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One Unified
Integration of CTI, voicemail, fax, SMS, instant messaging

Unified Communcations

Integration of

  • CTI – Computer Telephony Integration
  • UMS – Unified Messaging Solutions

into the company processes

In-house Development

Combining CTI, Voice Mail, Fax, SMS, Instant Messaging


With our proprietary uniCommunicator, all essential services can be integrated into a single modular client.

uniCommunicator Features:

  • Team Overview
  • Presence Management
  • Call Control
  • Conversation Recorder
  • Instant Messaging
  • Outlook/Notes Integration


Unified Messaging brings together the entire company communication on the user’s screen. They serve primarily to improve internal communication management within the company, as well as to enhance external communication with customers, suppliers, and partners.


By using various Unified Messaging Solutions, response times within the company are reduced, as messages land directly on the recipient’s desktop. They can be processed directly, or be forwarded to colleagues with additions and attachments.


For employees primarily working in the field, a complete Unified Messaging system serves as the interface to the company that they require on a daily basis. Message notifications can be sent, for example, via SMS, giving the employee the ability to retrieve their emails immediately or have the emails converted into faxes and sent to any fax machine.


  • Sending and receiving within the email client
  • Outlook/Lotus Notes plug-in
  • Editing fax messages


  • Receiving within the email client
  • Outlook/Lotus Notes plug-in
  • Fully configurable via a web browser


  • Sending and receiving within the email client
  • Outlook/Lotus Notes plug-in
  • Advanced rights management