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Success Story
Demmer GmbH


Innovation in harmony with Viennese culinary tradition: Demmers Tea House and Trzesniewski branches connected through UNICOPE mobile landline and onemobile.

“I can truly describe the collaboration with UNICOPE as excellent. They have shown remarkable speed in project implementation, as well as outstanding customer support and personal commitment when it comes to addressing our problems, individual requests, or last-minute project changes. The level of flexibility and adaptability we have with our new VoIP solution is unlike anything we have experienced with our previous telephony concepts. Hats off to them!”

Martin Ableidinger, IT Manager, Demmer GmbH

Demmer GmbH, headquartered in Vienna’s 1230 district, is home to two traditional brands: Demmers Tea House and Buffet Trzensniewski. The history of the “indescribably good sandwiches” dates back to 1902 when the first “Trzesniewski” was founded by Krakow native Franciszek Trzesniewski on Tiefen Graben in Vienna. Trzesniewski has since become an institution that has shaped the Viennese way of life for generations, uniting people in their passion for Viennese sandwich tradition. Demmers Tea House, on the other hand, represents the enjoyment of tea in all its diversity. Only the finest qualities are selected from thousands of teas, taking customers on a journey through the world’s great tea cultures. The first contact with UNICOPE was established in 2017. With Martin Ableidinger taking over the IT department, the project to equip the Demmer headquarters and branches with state-of-the-art communication technology began in 2019. This included transitioning from a traditional ISDN telephone system to Voice-over-IP.


The starting point for this decision was primarily driven by the desire of the Trzesniewski division to integrate the sales branches into the company network, which was not possible with the outdated on-site installed telephone system. The focus was not on a consistently unified extension numbering concept but rather on the ability to easily and seamlessly forward or redirect calls between branches, set up mailboxes, or play branch-specific announcements as needed. Martin Ableidinger, IT Manager at Demmer GmbH, quickly expanded the scope of the project to include the Tea House branches under the company’s umbrella.

Project Implementation

Initially, the transition was implemented in all 5 Tea House and 11 Trzesniewski branches within just two months, including the switch to UNICOPE “onmobile” SIM cards. In early 2020, the project was completed at the Demmer headquarters. Originally, a significant reason for the new telephony solution was to establish a central back-office desk, especially for peak periods, to handle telephone orders centrally and allow employees in Trzesniewski branches sufficient time for customer service and preparing sandwiches. However, this was not implemented as it was no longer necessary due to the new solution. The branches are now connected through extensions in a shared company network. The online shop was extensively expanded, especially in the past years, as online sales, particularly during the pandemic, have grown significantly. The combination of the web shop and the new telephony solution played a crucial role in ensuring that branches were never fully closed during the two years of the pandemic, except in shopping centres. Pickup of telephone and online orders was always possible even during lockdown periods.

  • Central office Vienna 1230:

25 extensions

3 analog accounts (2 for fax, 1 for alarm system)

15 PC softphone clients for CTI control of devices 4 onemobile SIM cards

  • 17 branches
    from which 2 are exclusively mobile-tel
    16 extensions / 2 smartphone apps and vfax
    16 onemobile SIM cards

A total of 32 desk phones in both areas.

Specific Customer Benefits

From an IT perspective, the transition has brought one key advantage: time savings.

Thanks to thorough training and helpful support from UNICOPE, administration through the web interface was quickly learned. Now, all company locations can be centrally managed. Enabling or disabling extensions, changing names, modifying direct dialling in case of employee changes, playing announcements for replacements, vacations, or temporary branch closures due to inventory can all be done within minutes, whereas previously it required technician intervention. A significant advantage for employees is having in-house expertise available for technical support and adaptations when needed.

The true benefit factor becomes apparent with the expansion of the branch network, as currently seen in the preparations for the opening of a Tea House and Trzesniewski dual branch at Vienna’s main train station. Once there is an internet connection in the branch, connecting the pre-configured or remotely installed phones takes just half an hour, and the branch becomes part of the company network.