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Success Story


VoIP telephone solution for the recording studio in Vienna

„We felt optimally supported right from the first contact. Even months after the installation, we still feel that UNICOPE takes optimal care of us. Furthermore, the price-performance ratio of mobile landline has convinced us.“


INNENHOFSTUDIOS is a high-end recording studio located in the 9th district of Vienna, specializing in audio productions for film, advertising, and large corporations. They cover all areas of audio production and also provide advisory services for major projects.

More information at: innenhofstudios.at


For INNENHOFSTUDIOS, a contemporary VoIP telephone solution is essential, as ongoing communication between clients and producers is of utmost importance in the project-based workflow of the company. Mr. Zumann came across our solution on the internet, where the option of a free trial was offered. During the test of the VoIP telephone system, INNENHOFSTUDIOS realized that mobile landline more than meets the requirements of a new telephone system with state-of-the-art technology. Therefore, Mr. Zumann immediately decided to go for the mobile landline solution from UNICOPE.

INNENHOFSTUDIOS collaborates with international advertising agencies and film productions. It was important for them to be able to communicate cost-effectively with overseas contacts. Additionally, they wanted to have modern IP desk phones at their company location to further enhance productivity. After the initial conversation, it was clear to INNENHOFSTUDIOS that they would not only need the desk phones but also the mobile VoIP app for their smartphones to cover any mobile communication requirements.

Project Implementation

After the testing phase, Mr. Zumann immediately opted for the mobile landline solution. The testers didn’t even have to reconfigure the app on their smartphones as the UNICOPE technicians took care of these settings during the initial configuration. Next, the call routes, voicemail boxes, and queue systems were set up. The stationary IP desk phones were sent via express delivery and could be easily plugged into a free LAN port for immediate use. The UNICOPE technicians thoroughly tested the system and, after consultation, authorized the porting of the telephone number. That was the switch to VoIP telephony for INNENHOFSTUDIOS. It’s that simple!