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Success Story
Wiener Hilfswerk


VoIP Telephone Solution for Wiener Hilfswerk

„With mobile landline, I can centrally manage the entire telephony, and the functionalities of the mobile apps and softphone client will continue to help us meet the needs of the people. I would particularly like to highlight the personal support from UNICOPE, who is always there to assist us.“
Andreas Binder, Head of Information Technology, Wiener Hilfswerk

About Wiener Hilfswerk:

Wiener Hilfswerk is a modern social organization that is there for all people in Vienna.
With over 2,000 full-time, part-time, and volunteer employees, they directly or indirectly contribute to the well-being of individuals. Their social services range from home care and support, day centres and senior living communities, to child care provided by day mothers, neighbourhood centres, recreational facilities for people with disabilities, integration of the unemployed, social markets, and socially assisted housing.

For more information, visit: hilfswerk.at


UNICOPE accompanies Wiener Hilfswerk on the path to the digital future of communication, providing excellent and personalized service.

The goal was to find a partner for the telephony support of Wiener Hilfswerk. The desired support was categorized into three areas, which are as follows:

  • Providing infrastructure for telephony operations
  • Supporting the installation and configuration of the telephone system, taking responsibility for operating individual components and systems
  • Assisting with first and second-level support during the transition period until the internal human resources are fully established

More information:

There are 20 facility addresses in Vienna, consisting of 4 types of facilities (neighbourhood centres, day centres, socially assisted living, senior living communities), and the main regional office with approximately 200 employees in Schottenfeldgasse. The smallest site has 1 user (at one location), and the largest site has 9 users (all within the Vienna city area).

Project Implementation

A hosted telephone system was deployed with desk phones, apps, and customized functions catering to different divisions within Wiener Hilfswerk. The system includes features such as group calls, departmental voicemails, and more. Besides a virtual fax, there will be an increased focus on the deployment management of field care personnel through the use of a softphone client and mobile apps in the future.

Specific Customer Benefits

Centralized management of telephony across all Wiener Hilfswerk locations by the IT department

Personal support provided by UNICOPE

Data hosting in Austria

Future possibilities with mobile apps and softphone client


Products and Services implemented:


  • 220 user accounts
  • 20 portings of telephone numbers


Mobile Apps:

  • 15 users



  • 12 Yealink T48S
  • 215 Yealink T46S
  • 15 Yealink T42S
  • 5 Gigaset S850A GO
  • 20 Jabra Evolve 65 UC Mono


Installation and Training:

  • 2 days of on-site service
  • 1 ½ days of administration training