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Success Story
Kreis Borken


Kreis Borken relies on the price and performance winner Mobile Landline

“In addition to being reachable under the office number regardless of location, the reliability in crisis situations also plays a significant role. The employees working in the crisis management team are no longer restricted to the main location but can also work from other sites in case of its failure.”
Dr. Elisabeth Schwenzow, Administrative Executive, responsible for areas such as personnel, organization, IT, as well as security and order

“We are very fortunate that we decided to digitize our communication with the mobile landline solution from UNICOPE before the COVID-19 pandemic. This enabled us to send all employees to home offices in case of need and maintain their availability without extra effort. UNICOPE not only proved to be the price and performance winner during the tender process but also an outstanding reliable partner throughout the installation and support process.”
Hans Temme, Head of IT Department, Kreis Borken

About Kreis Borken

Kreis Borken is located in North Rhine-Westphalia, in the administrative region of Münster, north of the Ruhr area. As the westernmost district in Münsterland, it shares a border of 108 km with the Netherlands. With an area of 1,421 km², it is the third-largest district in North Rhine-Westphalia. The district is home to approximately 370,000 inhabitants in its ten cities and seven municipalities. 21 percent of the population is under 20 years old, making Kreis Borken one of the youngest regions in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Kreis Borken is divided into 17 cities and municipalities.

Currently, Kreis Borken has approximately 1,100 employees, of which 1,000 work with IT support.

The responsibilities of the district administration are diverse and include areas such as security and order, transportation, animals and food, education and culture, social affairs, youth and family, health, geoinformation and cadastral surveying, construction and housing, as well as nature and environment.

In addition to the main administration in Borken, there are branch offices in Ahaus, Bocholt, Gescher, Stadtlohn, Gronau, and Rhede.

The economic development in Kreis Borken has transitioned from a textile industry-dominated monoculture to a diversified mix of industries.

The infrastructure conditions are impressive, and the District of Borken now holds a leading position nationwide in terms of connection to high-speed data highways.

The district offers a wide range of educational and vocational opportunities for the younger generation. A diverse educational landscape provides individually tailored, high-quality offerings. In addition to district-owned vocational colleges, there are various school forms under the responsibility of the municipalities in the district. The Technical Academy Ahaus and the Westfälische Hochschule in Bocholt offer cross-regional educational opportunities.


From technology mix to unified communication solution from a single provider

Previously, the District of Borken used various systems for voice communication, with each location having its own independent system. Outdated telephone systems with ISDN lines coexisted with IP-based solutions. Essential solutions such as video conferencing were not provided, and neither were unified communication functionalities.

The goal of the project was to migrate the heterogeneous mix of telecommunication systems to a single system using the latest technology standards.

Project Implementation

UNICOPE emerged as the price and performance winner

During the tender process for a unified communication system and a reliable partner, UNICOPE successfully stood out. In terms of both price and performance, mobile landline and the offered service package outperformed the competition. The decision was made to implement an IP-based unified communication (UC) system solution by UNICOPE.


Secure communication in all aspects

The UC system services are provided by UNICOPE in the form of a hosted solution. To ensure data protection, the communication data storage location, including all personal data, is located on UNICOPE’s systems within the EU.


Swift migration and installation

The comprehensive migration of the different systems in use was completed within just 3 weeks. The migration of the district headquarters was successfully completed within two weeks. All other locations were also migrated within an additional week.

Additionally, a connector was created between Active Directory and the Call Manager to minimize configuration efforts for the customer.

Products and Services Utilized:

The following products are used at 8 locations:

  • 1,100 Softphone clients
  • 200 mobile landline apps
  • 1,200 Fixed network devices
  • 1,200 Fax connections

The following UNICOPE services are utilized:

  • AD Connector – Synchronization of Call Manager
  • SMS module for fault notifications
  • IVR (Interactive Voice Response)
  • Hotlines & Call centre solution
  • Desktop sharing

Specific Customer Benefits

Unified communication system from a single provider

Home office workstations with softphone app

Data protection compliant

Video conferencing and chat functionalities